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 Cathy Jackson  & John Collins have some  pictures to show you. They are both animal lovers, and want you to see their friends.
Please visit us again soon for new updates.

John Collins and his partners. Annie, Rex & Sue
John loves to say "Squirrel! Where's the squirrel!"

Razor & Blue keep the floors warm at Cathy's.
Razor is a "HUGE" Rhodesian Ridgeback & Blue is a "wondering" Weimaraner.

Rink watches over the Jackson's home place.
She is the mother hen. All Bark & no bite.

Cathy & Brooklyn ( perfect #1 granddaughter )
" Cede"
Cede of Private Pet Cremations
Cede is Cathy 's traveling companion. Where Cathy goes, Cede goes. Cede is an English Mastiff.

Missy rules the roost at Cathy's house.
Missy of Private Pet Cremations
This Rat Terrier loves to hold down the couch. It just might walk away if she is not on it.

Sweet little man " May he rest in peace"

"Our Lives Are Blessed By Our Friends"